About the Artist - Dawna-Lea

About the Artist

I have sought ways to express my creativity from an early age - it was just something I have to do.

We live on land overlooking the Columbia Wetlands in British Columbia, right between the Rockies and Purcell Mountains. This is where my inspiration comes from as I work to promote awareness about the intricate connections between the water, land and wildlife.

My art depicts the wonders of the natural world, using various media; depending on the project. This may involve applying paint to watercolour paper, cement floors, house walls, fabrics, and a variety of natural materials.

I do commercial graphic designs that are one of a kind, using original artist materials that are then transferred to digital media for final use.

I have done a number of commissioned art pieces, as well as original art for interpretive venues, and illustrations for children's books - including my self-published "David Thompson Activity Book".

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